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Without textile packaging, today’s commerce and logistics would be unthinkable. Plastics are clearly the material of choice: Global demand for polypropylene is increasing at the rate of 6-8% per year..

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FARKO provides our customers the best solution for the Winders, Extruders, Weaving, Lamination, Conversion, Printing & Recycling of every kind of yarn, tape monofilament & multi-filament.

This site is designed to give you an introduction to the company, its products, and how you can benefit from the 30 years experience that FARKO INTERNATIONAL can put at your disposal.

Plastic Packaging.

Starlinger leads the world market in the field of machinery and process technology for woven plastic sack production.

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Starlinger, long recognised as the world's leading supplier of the complete range of machinery for woven plastic sacks, continues to develop and refine successful concepts in flexible bulk packaging.

Starlinger also supply a complete range of solutions for the recycling of plastics.

innovative machinery solutions for the efficient recycling of a variety of plastics, such as PE, PP, PA, PS, PET, and many more.

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